Auntie Flo – Mother Theresa

Last week, Huntleys + Palmers dropped exciting details of their Highlife World Series, a string of upcoming releases showcasing collaborative music from Auntie Flo and Esa with musicians from around the globe. The first installment is the product of a trip to Cuba last year, where they worked with local musicians in a Havana studio on four vibrant and authentic tracks capturing the feel of the city.

The highlight for us is Auntie Flo’s ‘Mother Theresa’, a lazy track with a free-flowing melody. Subdued compared to the others on the EP, the smoky jazz influence is unexpected, with a wandering trumpet introducing itself halfway through. As the track’s soft pads and percussive textures build, you’re caught up in the spiralling solo and the track’s brassy crescendo.

‘Highlife World Series: Cuba’ is released via Huntleys + Palmers on 9th March. All profits from record sales go towards supporting musicians in Havana. Future releases will support musicians from the countries featured.

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