Tasker’s Top 10 Last Dance Hip Swingers

Splitting time evenly between DJing, running the Whities label (a Young Turks imprint), and hosting NTS show 88 Transition, it seems as though spinning multiple plates comes naturally to Tasker.

We proudly present ten tracks recommended by Tasker to round off a DJ set successfully, even when the dancers aren’t ready to quit. This is advice you can trust when it comes from such a widely respected purveyor of music. With regards to the selection, Tasker says: ‘All these tracks are tunes I’d play at the end of the night if I was in a really small club surrounded by happy people. They are all kind of beautifully melancholic, and have that swing to them that makes you try and dance like Bruce Springsteen or Carlton Banks.’

Catch Tasker playing b2b with Daniele Baldelli at Sunday Love this weekend at The Old Queen’s Head, Islington.

Cleaners From Venus – ‘Corridors Of Dreams’ (Captured Tracks)
Eden – ‘Free’ (Polydor)
The Blue Nile – ‘Tinseltown in the Rain’ (Linn Records)
Bullion – ‘Say Arr Ee’ (R&S Records)
Robert Kishore – ‘Tropical Fantasy’ (Brute Force Cybernetics Records)
Willie Colon – ‘Set Fire to Me’ (A&M Records)
Evans Pyramid – ‘Never Gonna Leave You’ (Funk Records)
Jesse – ‘Emotion #1’ (Haista Records)
Steve Hillage – ‘Frame by Frame’ (Virgin)
Talking Heads – ‘This Must Be the Place’ (Sire)

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