Supermarket! – Supermarket! EP (Free Download)

Amongst the Actress(es) and the Lapalux(es) of this world, who enjoy blurring boundaries and exploring music’s more malleable nature, is El Kid. Real name Sam Kidel, he is a founding member of Bristol’s Young Echo collective and also has a hand in film and theatre soundtracks in his spare time. No one trick ponies here.

After some demos sitting on his Soundcloud for a while, Kidel’s latest project ‘SUPERMARKET!’ is officially launched with a trolley-full of R&B edit. Prime shopping aisle pickings in their heyday, they’ve now been given a new lease of life when provided with the same lo-fi, moody treatment as Kidel’s other work

Like an accordion, the accapellas are stretched out and given room to breathe while the effects ebb and flow, intermittently surfacing to the fore. Ciara’s vocals are drowned and rippled yet Brandy’s ‘Angel’ is simply laid bare, allowing her echo to ping back and forth. Like an old radio heard in a distant room of a spacious house, the words ring clear from afar but as we draw closer the flickering static beneath gives the songs an intriguing yet unnerving presence.

For the free download link, check the Supermarket! Soundcloud

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