Alma Negra – Maloya / Midnight Run

Born of the combined passion of Auntie Flo and Huntleys & Palmers for world music, Highlife has earnt itself reputation as one of the most innovative labels around. Continuing its crusade for music from all corners of the globe, Highlife returns for the first time this year with two thunderous tracks from Alma Negra.

No stranger to the label, Negra provides shuffling, percussion-driven tracks ripe to induce a dancefloor frenzy. The harsh techno kick of ‘Maloya’ sharpens the loose shakers and picks up the energy immediately; African chants transporting you out of the club to an equatorial landscape out in the open.

Living up to its name, ‘Midnight Run’ lends itself easily to a heart-pounding chase, the cacophony of drums driving forward through the auditory undergrowth. The ten-minute duration gives the listener enough time to become lost in the percussive jungle. Sing-a-long guitar licks lift you out of the dark halfway through, as the track swirls on. A truly special release to kick-start Highlife’s 2015.

HGHLF007 ‘Maloya/Midnight Run’ is expected to drop in vinyl format on 23rd February, available to pre-order from Piccadilly Records.

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