Heard On The Floor: UR – Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix)

Underground Resistance is a Detroit techno collective, affiliated with Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Mad Mike and DJ Rolando, along with some others too. Formed from a unifying political statement, they approach music with a militant stance and economic independence from the major labels, perfectly illustrated by the military uniforms they wore when playing in their early days. The dream team produced a huge catalogue of tracks on their label, as well as on others, calling this ‘reconnaissance’ or ‘infiltration’.

This track was released as the B-side to the original single on vinyl in 2001, but makes a lot more of the melodious middle sections and runs with them as the main theme. The late Aaron Carl, provided a melodious, driving remix which serves as one of the best mood-setting tracks we’ve heard in a long time.

Supplied by: Hunee at STW Presents Hunee

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