Bristol clubbers, beware of pickpockets

Bristol’s vibrant underground music culture is what it is partly because of its strong community spirit. It’s with increasing worry then, that we’ve encountered a pickpocket ring regularly attending nights in the city. In an effort to raise awareness and clamp down on this harmful behaviour, here’s a few things to be aware of next time you’re out.

Tactics being used

This group consists of students, or at least people of the student age. They are not men in large coats that stick out like a sore thumb; they look just like all of your friends. They operate mainly at the front, probably to ensure the sound can be used as a distraction. Often there will be a couple enthusiastically dancing hand-in-hand. The dancers will become the distraction, bumping, dipping and twirling until a move is made for your front pocket. Your phone/wallet is then passed around until it reaches someone at the back of the room with a backpack.

Keep your valuables in the cloakroom

It’s the only surefire way to keep your valuables away from prying hands. Keep your handbags in front of you and don’t assume your front pocket is always safe.

To the members of this ring: please stop harming Bristol’s valuable club culture and let people dance without worrying about their possessions.  

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