Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Benji B Disco Dub Mix)

By now, a few of you may have got a bit tired of ‘Uptown Funk’s relentless groove, but BBC Radio 1 bossman Benji B has gone and given it a new lease of life. Benji’s not a producer but is no stranger to the boards, and was listed as ‘Executive Producer’ on Yeezus.

What he’s made is not a remix, but a classic disco dub mix, taking the track apart and reducing it to its core funk. Bruno Mars’ vocals come in and out, but the real stars of the show are the bassline, driving the tune with an irresistible stomp before those horns give a kick of 24 carat brass euphoria. HOT DAMN.

Here’s what he had to say about it himself:

“When Mark Ronson first sat me down in his studio to play me his new single, my first reaction, apart from loving it, was that we needed to do a classic Disco Dub remix for DJs to play in the clubs. As a DJ I would always go straight for the b-side and the masters of the genre for me were always people like Francois Kevorkian, John Morales and Shep Pettibone. In many ways this remix is a tribute to them.

Instead of doing it in a computer I wanted to do it on the desk live, punching all the stems in and out live, and doing all the effects sends on the fly. Mark has the legendary Harrison mixing desk – which has 5 sends on each channel. He gave me his studio for 2 days and I went to town. The comping was done afterwards in my studio – so the arrangement and edit was done on a computer but the mix and effects were all “played in” 100% live on the desk, which you can probably hear. I really wanted to focus in on the musicianship on this record – Mark wanted to make an album in tribute to a classic era of dance music, and wow did he succeed. Hopefully this can be seen as a tribute to those classic remixes too.

Thanks to Mark Ronson for letting me remix such an amazing record. 12” Vinyl coming in 2 weeks. Hope you like it.”

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