Albrecht La’Brooy – Louis’

As classically trained pianists, Alex Albrecht and Sean La’Brooy from Melbourne, take a different approach to making music, and come at it with a different set of influences. This is evident in their four-track debut EP on Analogue Attic. Entitled Good Morning Passengers, it is inspired by the journey along the 42km Belgrave railway line in their hometown, which runs from the hustle and bustle of Flinders Street to the sleepy gum forests of the Dandenong Ranges. Each track explores a different part of the line, from city to rainforest, chronicling urban renewal, gentrification and multiculturalism.

First track on the EP is ‘Louis”. Using field recordings, the antipodean pair reconstruct the scenes they see around them, initiating with vocals from the train platforms and two simple, repeating chords on the grand piano. Rolling percussion gently comes to the fore, coupled with claps and building vocal samples, peppered with warm bass stabs. By the time the kick drum presents itself, you already know this is one track you won’t be skipping. If you close your eyes, the breakdown can almost have you placed at the platform itself, waiting for a train to the Melbourne suburbs. The carefully placed delays are a welcome addition, but the pair know not to overcrowd the simplicity of their masterpiece.

At 23 years old, we’re sure that this material is just the beginning for what will be a extremely interesting act to watch in years to come.

Good Morning Passengers is out now. Download digitally from Analogue Attic’s Bandcamp. Grab the vinyl release from Juno.

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