Takuya Matsumoto – Galactic Dance

Only a producer like the Japanese Takuya Matsumoto, who imbues his music with such a rich tapestry of sounds, could get away with calling his latest work ‘Galactic Dance’. The track uses dubby piano flourishes, colourful synths and hints of delicate strings to take you on what can only be described as an aural journey. True to its title, the track is Matsumoto’s most epic offering yet, and adds to an already impressive year for the label Royal Oak, who continue to keep everyone guessing with their cosmopolitan array of eclectic house releases. Currently one of electronic music most unsung and unique talents, Matsumoto’s impressive catalogue of work continues to grow from strength to strength.

‘Galactic Dance’ is part of a four-track EP which is Takuya Matsumoto’s debut release for Clone Royal Oak. You can buy the 12″ vinyl from the label’s online store.

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