Our Favourite Re-Issues In November


Levon Vincent ‎– Impression of a Rainstorm EP (Novel Sound)

To those who missed it the first time round, one of modern techno’s most singular producers, Levon Vincent has repressed his 2011 masterwork Impression of a Rainstorm. The EP comprises of three tracks showcasing the NY-based producer’s diverse sound, from tribal house (‘Impression’) to minimal dubby techno and warm atmospheric grooves (‘Pivotal Moments in Life’). In a career full of highlights, Impression of a Rainstorm still remains one of Vincent’s most complete, timeless and beautiful works.

Far East Recording – The Far East Transcripts EP (History Has A Tendency To Repeat Itself)

In repressing a collection of classics from the 90s Japan-based imprint Far East Recording, the New London label Hitari has come good in its promise to ‘uncover rare and pioneering works in sound design.’ Soichi Terada’s ‘Do It Again’ – the standout from the compilation – has received admiration from the like of Hunee and Ben UFO, who recently stated that the track features his favourite ever drum break. From an individual who has one of the world’s most enviable record collections, that is some compliment indeed. On the b-side is Shinichiro Yokota’s ‘Believe In The House’, which uses a sample from ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ by Public Enemy to create a certified banger influenced by the classic Chicago house sound.

Tony Esposito – ‘Je Na (Extended Version)’ (Archeo Recordings)

Archeo Recordings have recently reissued this ultra-rare Italian disco gem by Tony Esposito for your listening pleasure. Reportedly  inspired by his trip to Jamaica in 1983, this epic work utilises twangy Nile Rodgers-esque guitar, hypnotic dubby piano and rhythmic tribal percussion to create a beautiful effect.  Recorded in Italy, yet influenced by afrobeat, calypso and classic disco, ‘Je Na’ dabbles in a wide range of styles, making it a cosmopolitan gem not to be missed.

Soundstream – Reissued Catalogue (Sound Stream)

To the delight of those who can’t afford to fork out lavish amounts on Discogs, Soundstream [a.k.a. Frank Timm] has recently reissued some of his most famous works for your listening pleasure, from ‘Good Soul’ (1996) to ‘Julie’s Theme’ (2012). In a similar vein to the likes of Chicago’s Rick Wade and Detroit’s Andres, Timm rarely veers away from his tried-and-tested formulae: looping a long-forgotten disco sample, adding a more house-y kick drum, releasing the sample at exactly the right time to create elation on the dancefloor. It may sound simple but is hugely effective, as Soundstream’s catalogue features some of contemporary dance music’s most brilliant works.

René Costy – ‘Scrabble’ (Originals)

Famously sampled by the likes of J Dilla, Common and Fila Brazilla, Belgian René Costy’s sumptuous ‘Scrabble’ has recently been reissued due to popular demand. Taken from the 1972 album Chappell Mood Music Vol. 26, the track begins innocently enough with a straightforward breakbeat, funky horns and subtle piano flourishes. That is until Costy unleashes his melodic jazz violin, lifting the track into a whole new stratosphere, and resulting in a beautiful union of jazz, funk and classical elements.

Listen to our top favourite November re-issues in a full playlist here.

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