Nomine’s Top Ten Inspirations and Influences

Key player for record label Tempa, Nomine is a producer working to reauthenticise dubstep into something that is all at once poignant, relevant and modernised. The fresh vision in Nomine’s music can be heard in Stamp’s favourite track ‘Nomine’s Chant‘, where a chant-like hypnosis is teamed up with dub-inspired evolution. An innovative sound that is hard to come by.

Along with Coki and FACTA, Psyched Bristol have invited him to play the Blue Mountain Club on 5th December. Leading up to this very special event, we got to speak to Nomine about the top ten influences – be it musical or non – that have inspired his own sound.

John Cage – ‘4’33’
Without learning about John Cage, the Nomine sound and work ethic would not exist.

Digital & Spirit – ‘Phantom Force’
This track tore the drum and bass scene (and me) a new asshole. It pays to take risks, and it’s more fun.

Against the grain, proving that music can still be heard before it is ‘seen’.

Defining what a unique signature sound can do for artists. The Kid A album reminds me of my bromance with AMIT in New York (2002) awwww.

King Tubby
Almost every genre we know has taken influence from dub (the dub version). Tubby made it possible for the producer to be seen and to be respected as a musician, by using the mixing desk and effects units as his instruments.

Lee Ronaldo
I like a bit of ‘noise’, it doesn’t have to be musical. ‘A sound is a sound’ – John Cage.

Jungle Techno
Imperfections in music contribute to vibe and characteristics. Is a lot of current music too clinical and precise? Vibe is far more important than perfection in dance music. ‘Are you ready for some bllloooooooodclllaarrrtttt jungle techno?’

Would electronic music as we know it even exist without his work?

Who innovated techno? Detroit or Germany? Who cares?!

Thich Nhat Hanh
Meditation saved my life.

Nomine plays alongside Coki and FACTA at the next Psyched party at Bristol’s Blue Mountain Club (5th Dec). Remaining tickets are available to buy here.

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