PREMIERE: Legs Benedict – Other Side of the Game EP

Contrary to what their name suggests, the music from Miami-based duo Legs Benedict, Will Buck and David Sinopoli, is no laughing matter. Rather it’s utterly absorbing and unbelievably sexy.

Their debut EP is being released by the recently formed Miami based label, Space Tapes, formed by David Sinopoli (one half of Legs Benedict’s brother), Jason Odio and N.E.R.D’s Shay Haley. The label was born out of an intent to provide a platform for the “crazy amount of talent coming out of Miami right now”. If Legs Benedict are anything to go by, Miami’s music scene sounds pretty hot, away from the beach clubs and terrace bars.

The opening track, and my favourite, ‘Come’, is sizzling. Lo-fi, pulsating beats, teasingly slow clitoral guitar, hushed and delirious vocals by Jayjohero (front man of Miami funk band Ketchy Shuby). Think Rhye meets Jeremih; it’s almost a bit too much. Almost…well actually best not listen to it at work. Damn.

The second track, the soulful ‘Harddrive’, is a very understated late night track, dazed kick drums, wailing temptress vocals and random computer-game sound beams thrown in for good measure. It’s pretty sultry and the most laid-back of the three tracks. ‘Other Side of the Game’while continuing the EP’s quest of luring you towards the bedroom, goes down a slightly different route. More of a Teddy Pendergrass, 70’s jazz-groove feel, with Erykah Badu-esque honey vocals, not far off future soul outfit Sorceress. It’s smooth but also pleasingly kinetic, thanks to its blending of hip-hop beats and synth. Flitting between mellow and motion, it’s a thrilling production to get down to indeed.

Closing the EP is the short, spoken word snippet, ‘Interlude’Whilst raising questions about Legs Benedict’s understanding of the word by coming at the end, rather than in the interim, its real purpose soon becomes obvious; an interlude between one finishing the album and putting it straight back on again. There’s really no beating around the bush, Other Side of the Game is full on salacious sex music. Hot damn.

Other Side Of The Game EP is out December 9th. Follow Legs Benedicts on FB to be the first to hear when it becomes available. 

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