Heard on the Floor: Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep

Last weekend, we ventured into the depths of Berghain/Panorama Bar for the first time. Tempting as it is to gush about the experience as we still regain our sanity, we’ll respect the myth of the place and head straight to the music.

On a weekend that celebrated the release of Steffi’s album, Power of Anonymity, a disciple of her Dolly imprint wowed us on the Sunday in Panorama Bar. After a track from John Barera’s debut album was one of the highlights on Saturday, he then delivered a set which was so good, it prompted two subsequent posts on Panorama Bar’s fan page. Here’s one they missed though. Sampling Wood Brass & Steel’s ‘Funkanova‘ from 1976, Ashley Beedle’s takes the lead on this 1994 underground hit that surely rivals ‘Deep Burnt‘ for some of the best strings deployment in deep house. Hands in the air moment as dense smoke engulfed a room overcome by those electrifying riffs.

Supplied by:  John Barera at Panorama Bar

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