Jane Fitz’s Favourite Winter Warmers


DJ, promoter and music journalist Jane Fitz has been a mainstay in London since the 90s. From Secretsundaze to her own 18-hour Peg Parties, from Free Rotation to Watergate, Jane’s aptitude across house’s full spectrum has secured her as a favourite among partygoers throughout Europe.  As we count down to Just Jack’s London party later on this month – where Jane will be playing alongside Delano Smith and Point G – she kindly took some time out to tell us her five favourite winter warmer tracks, from glistening ambient to full driving-force techno.

Elemental – Pathways EP (Alpha Cutauri)

Four totally different cuts, from ambient to breaks to dubby techno – all with that rolling, hypnotic vibe that I love. This is 100% where I like to go when I play out – given the right time slot, crowd and setting.

Downfall – ‘ROD’ (Drumcode)

What a release from a label that might normally be a bit too tough for me. This is what I call deep techno. It balances energy with trippy sounds and keeps it super danceable. All four tracks are ace. I need two copies really so I can play them all one after the other.

Yuri Shulgin – ‘Acid Vertigo (Dub Version)’ (Modernista)

I have been opening my sets with this recently because it’s a total dancefloor game-changer. The percussion completely announces its arrival, it’s got lovely warmth and depth to it, it’s not linear in structure or beats. And it’s on the excellent Modernista label, which everyone should get onto if they don’t know it.

Tozzy – Geneosis‘ (Hypnus)

I like to switch between a lot of really old acid and then super modern house and techno when I play – I get bored with just one sound. This is the kind of new record I love – loads of atmosphere, kind of subtle something you really have to listen to. It’s not immediate, you need to be paying attention to get into it. But it’s worth it when you do. Brilliant.

Peverelist – ‘Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)’ (Livity Sound)

How good is this? I love records that you can’t pigeonhole, that have the potential to crossover to different scenes, and this is one of them. It’s just drums, basically, cut up with plenty of imagination and totally uncompromising. It reminds me of going to sweatboxes 20 years ago and watching jazz dancers going mad to hard bop. But it’s kind of techno. And breaks. See: unquantifiable.

Jane Fitz plays Just Jack at Corsica Studios, 28th November. Tickets available here. Thank you to Jane and The Rest is Noise.

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