Recondite – Iffy LP


Recondite continues his reign of pioneering minimal techno and house music with his third album Iffy, soon to be released on Berlin label Innervisions. His new ten-track LP maintains the same legacy as before: a sonic journey inspired by real emotions and experiences. Themes of nostalgia, longing and romanticism are touched on, as well as providing insight into the ‘general uncertainty of being human’.

The same elasticised texture of melancholic electronic is created in the music of Iffy, in an unexplained manner that is open to interpretation. One favourite on the album is second track ‘Levo’. As the official video illustrates, the track shows nature and tradition as major counterparts of Recondite’s music. As he is seen using a scythe and embracing natural sources such as water and mountainscapes; there is a reference to his Bavarian roots which is at once familiar yet alien, beautiful yet dark. This atmosphere – both serene and tense – is sustained throughout the whole album, and is what suspends it to the calibre of music Recondite is admired for.

Other favourites from Iffy include ‘Duolo’, and ‘Buteo’, whose heavier beat is used refreshingly by Recondite. Through clear direction, the track is ignited by it while still maintaining the focus of Iffy‘s journey, and not straying from the album’s purpose. Equally, the dark, metallic scrapes and wobbly marimba of ‘Duolo’ create an air of unease, without straying from the gradually unravelling plot. Each track on Iffy works on an individual level, as well as creating a cohesive whole characteristic of Recondite, thus adding another major oeuvre to his impressive repertoire.

Iffy LP if out on 10th November via Innervisions, and available to pre-order from Forced Exposure. Recondite plays Manchester’s Warehouse Project on 13th Dec; fabriclondon on 20th Dec; and London’s Oval Space on New Year’s Day.

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