K15 – Insecurities EP

Consistently gracing Camden’s Jazz Café with his soulful selections, Kieron Ifill (aka K15) has taken the next step up the jazz ladder by building bridges with Detroit on his latest EP. Released under the wings of Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label, Insecurities is a fusion of Rhodes, 70s synths and ‘KMFH’ abrasive 808s that’s sure to get you hooked.

The EP is a story of two halves, with the first geared more towards your feet and the second offering a psychedelic twist on proceedings. It opens with the belter ‘The Story of HER Life’, featuring a booming sample voice dug out from the depths of the soul connoisseur’s collection. Then follows ‘GWRH’, which swiftly sets the nostalgic alarm bells ringing with a sample of ‘Gypsy Woman‘. In case you were anticipating the catchy chorus to make a return, K15 has other plans. The percussion takes main stage as timbales roll fervently beside a trio of claps, kicks and hats, replacing the ‘la-da-dee..’ with a recipe for shapeshifting that we can see catching many a dancefloor off guard.

The footwork frivolities of ‘GWRH’ are brought to an end by the allure of ‘Insecurities’, a soundtrack to the end of a night in a smokey jazz bar. What begins with head pounding 808s ends in a distant hypnosis of synths and Rhodes. We are steadily coaxed out of our pensive trance and onto the floor for one last dance of the night by the undulating, wubbing sub of ‘Gratitude’, beside more of those wood drums. As we say our goodbyes, K15 plays us out to one of the best closing tracks to bless electronic EP music in recent years. ‘Yellow’ flutters between matching melancholic riffs of 70s synth and piano keys, until it places one over the other to conjure up a sunset stroll down the Motor City’s river-walk.

Insecurities fits so seamlessly into the roster of Wild Oats releases that you’d be forgiven for thinking that Detroit was Keiron’s home turf and not London. It’s a big signing so early in his producing career but one that will definitely get him the recognition he deserves.

Dropping imminently, you can pre-order Insecurities EP at the Wild Oats website.


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