Premiere: dB – Roaming EP (Free Download)

db romaning ep

We’ve collaborated with the young Bristol producer on his debut three-track EP, free to download exclusively at Stamp The Wax. 

We first met dB (Mat de Beneducci) through fellow band members of Amoa Mass, with whom we recently recorded a live garden session. Obscure and brilliantly genre-crossing, we have a hard time putting dB’s music into a single box, journeying through an array of sounds: house, techno, grime (‘Airs‘), dub (‘Didn’t Know You Loved Me‘), piano music, as well as the oddly brilliant, contemplative curve-ball (‘Lust‘).  It seems we need to create a new genre for dB: ‘psych’. He makes music within whatever realm that dominates his mind at the time, and does so impeccably!

So excited are we by Mat’s sound that we have collaborated with him to premiere his debut EP, Roaming. The opener, ‘Slightly Later’ starts with a tremor, which elaborates into a confidently commanding afro-percussion beat, teamed with hypnotic piano chords, thumping jembe and melancholy lyrical snippets. This is followed by the dusky dancefloor motivator, ‘Step One’, which whisks away contemplative thoughts with a whirling trombone melody and shimmering soprano that subconsciously switches into chopped vocal gulps; weirdness in its most wonderful form. Lastly is ‘Uninvited’, a house track authenticated by its glistening trippiness. Gold Panda would surely approve of this track, thanks to the warm sound it radiates. The glitchy melody and steal-pan bass slowly builds momentum rather like a steam locomotive chugging along, only to reach its full-bodied gravitas at the very end. It epitomises Roaming as a whole: a captivating first chapter and thrilling opening insight into dB’s intriguing body of work.

Download the Roaming EP from our Soundcloud. Artwork by Emily Dann.


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