Hackman’s Top 10 Late Night Jams

Next month will see the release of Hackman’s Carry On EP via 2020Vision, a four-track love affair mixing soft ethereal textures, off-kilter rhythms, soulful vocals and grainy synth lines, accompanied by big time Berlin beatmaker Rampa on remix duties.

Over the last four years the London-based producer has made huge shapes via well respected imprints Greco Roman, Well Rounded and Futureboogie Records, with tracks that often straddle the intimate space between headphones and the dance-floor. From ‘Change My Life‘ and ‘Forgotten Notes‘ to tracks like ‘Agree to Disagree‘ and more recently ‘Fists of Ham‘, there is an undercurrent of dark and brooding soulfulness that sets Hackman apart. In keeping with that mood, and en lieu of his forthcoming release (out November 24th), we got Hackman to list ten of his favourite tracks to put on late at night and jam to.

1. Kindness – ‘With You (Feat. Kelela)’
Recently was shown this by my girlfriend, and haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

2. Detroit Escalator Company – ‘Force’
Very dreamy track, the synth line that comes in at 5:04 is definitely worth waiting the previous five minutes for!

3. Jimi Hendrix – ‘Third Stone From The Sun’
This used to be my late night smoking track, a classic that sounds ahead of its time even today.

4. Mr. Cloudy – ‘Range Variant’
I don’t know if I’ve ever heard synths that make me feel more relaxed than those in this track.

5. Machinarium Soundtrack 01 – ‘The Bottom (Tomas Dvorak)’
A friend put me on to this, didn’t play the game, but this track definitely chills me out!

6. Harvey Sachs Rubinstein – ‘Granados The Maiden and the Nightingale (Rec 1954)’
Made several attempts to learn this on the piano, but I gave up at the section beginning at 1:23. Very difficult and beautiful!

7. Boards of Canada – ‘Julie and Candy’
Had to include one Boards of Canada track. This one is a favourite of mine. Very weird and very relaxing.

8. Nils Frahm – ‘More’
A beauty from Nils Frahm. Was gutted to miss out on tickets for his show at the Barbican, which I heard have been sold out for a year. Still looking for some!

9. Joe Jackson – ‘Nocturne No 4’
This album was on a lot when I was growing up, and this track from it makes me very sleepy, in a good way.

10. Nitin Sawhney – ‘Tides’
Pretty sure I’ve included this track in a list before, but it’s so good it deserves to be included again.

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