Virginia: Five Favourites

photo credit: © Lisa Swarna Khanna

Photo credit: Lisa Swarna Khanna

Virginia is famed as much for her golden voice as for her deep DJ sets. For over 3 years she held a residency at Sven Väth’s legendary Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, while at the same time keeping up a busy touring and release schedule that included collaborations with Butch and Steffi (supplying the vocals for ‘I’m Yours‘) and releases for Area Remote and Ostgut Ton. More recently, Virginia has secured a Panorama Bar residency and appears on ‘Treasure Seeking’ from Steffi’s new album, also on Ostgut. Overall, she’s a busy lady so we’re delighted she took the time to pick five favourites before playing Fabric this Saturday for Steffi’s album launch.

Krystal Klear – We’re So Wrong (All City Records)

Fine and funky house tune with beautiful piano chords that make you smile right away. Brightens up the vibe every time I drop it.

Kelis – Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie Remix) (Ninja Tune)

Kelis has this special timbre in her voice – loved it since her first record. Mount Kimbies´s remix takes me on a journey. Makes me happy and kind of sad at the same time, like you are longing for something you always wanted to do or a far away place you always wanted to go to, haha. It’s hard to explain and has nothing to do with the lyrics really!

Brookes Mosher – Don’t Say Goodbye (Dolly Records)

In my opinion Brooks Mosher produces music very delicate and very musical. The whole EP is great and diverse. It goes from deeper tunes to punchy ones that work the dancefloor right. I play three of the tracks at different moments in my set.

Dexter – Acid Lullaby (DEK 001)

I love Dexter’s music, he’s just funky as hell! Love the interaction of the different acid lines, the funny noises and the vocal samples. Everything falls right into place. The bass is massive on a proper sound system.

Head High – Megatrap (Mix Mix) (Power House)

Shed hardly ever disappoints and he has this very high recognition value. I love his shuffles and the roughness of his beats. His music is in a genre of its own – music in between techno and house.

Virginia plays Fabric this Saturday, alongside Steffi, Martyn, Dexter and Laurent Garnier.

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