The Busy Twist: 5 Favourites

Busy Twist1

The Busy Twist are one of those names we’ve been supporting since they first started out, so it’s always a pleasure to catch up. If you’ve not had TBT in your ears before, the duo combine their London electronic music heritage with their love of Africa to make insatiable dance music. Okay Africa and Dummy Mag are among a growing list of plaudits. With their Labadi Warrior EP out soon, and plans afoot for their label The People’s Ear, we asked them to fill us in with what sounds are getting them excited at the moment.

Catch The Busy Twist at their EP launch with Kartel this Saturday in Brixton, alongside débruit and Jus Now. Final tier tickets available here.

Mbilia Bel & Tabu Ley Rocheru – Cadence Mundanda 

A classic tune that will always remain relevant on the dancefloor, and in the headphones. One of the great Congolese singers, Mbilia Bel carries this tune right to the heart!

Boddhi Satva feat. Oumou Sangaré – Ngari Koron

The ultimate deep Afro house head, this guy has been an inspirer and provider of endless soul and groove for us on and off the dancefloors.

Rootz – Daniel Klauser 

Not a lot needs to be said about this tune, the experience of listening should be enough! It’s a huge tune from South America that we have most probably successfully played in every single one of our sets!

Quantic feat. Nidia Góngora – Nanguita 

First heard this in Amsterdam last year and it blew us away. We have recorded with Nidia and she is an amazing woman and spirit, so hearing her deliver on this record was quite special. Props to Quantic on the production.

Claudette et ti Pierre – Zamni Camarade (Tropical Treats edit) 

Released by the Sofito camp, who have done so much for reviving old tropical music, this tune is something else. Imagine James Brown goes to Haiti and then takes some psychedelics, and you still only have half the tune.

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