Boxcutter – Retina Grains

There aren’t many producers out there that can be accurately affirmed as tastemakers, and of those artists there are a rare few that still don’t get the proper recognition they deserve. Barry Lynn a.k.a Boxcutter is one of them, a bright light in the dark underworld of Electronic music, an artists’ favourite artist.

The Northern-Irish producer has been putting out music for over 12 years, with releases on world-class labels Planet Mu and Hotflush. During the formative years of what is now known as Dubstep, Boxcutter was a lone ranger of ‘out there’ cosmic sounds that remain unabated in originality nine years on. Aside from his Boxcutter alias, Lynn also released music under his own name and more recently as The Host, an internet-themed fusion of footwork-inspired beats and psychedelic instrumental sounds.

His own label Kinnego Records has been very selectively putting out music for a few years, now on its 006 release with Boxcutter’s Retina Grains. The 3-minute preview shimmy’s from Ambient to Footwork to Jazz and Jungle in such a colourful fashion it actually makes 160bpm sound delicately beautiful, a true feat for any Electronic producer out there.

Retina Grains is out October 13th on Kinnego Records.

Boxcutter will be playing live alongside Venetian Snares and Chevron for a special Planet Mu x Soundcrash showcase in an ex-chinese Laundry warehouse converted in the heart of East London, “the natural habitat for Planet mu’s music”. Head here for more details.

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