Planningtorock – The One

Planningtorock, the Bolton-born, Berlin-based producer and label boss (Human Level) is a phenomenally talented musician. What’s more, with lethal dance tracks like ‘Patriarchy Over and Out’, ‘Let’s Talk About Gender Baby’ and ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’, she also uses her music to promote an unabashed feminist message. Playing with concepts of gender through hard-hitting lyrics, the alteration of her vocals and use of prosthetic facial features, her challenging of social norms is a real inspiration.

Her latest track, ‘The One’, is spinning with summer love, with a klezmer-esque opening and drum beats that are near drowned out by strings and singing. A subtly epic song. Considering dance music was born out of a movement striving to establish equality and social-progression, Planningtorock brings back an important message, one which is all too often absent from the contemporary scene.


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