Bluntman Deejay – Astat

Glasgow’s All Caps can seem to do no wrong at the moment. Releasing rough ‘n’ ready cuts from the Kowton, Helix, Alex Coulton and DJ Guy, Bluntman Deejay is only their fifth release in a catalogue that is both completely different from each other and anything else out there. Take Kowton’s TFB, for example, a grimy techno ‘ode to Ruff Sqwad’, or Helix’s Stacks Riddim, an ADHD workout with in-built rewinds to save a DJ’s needles.

Bluntman is probably the most restrained release so far, and ‘Astat’ is all metronomic melodies and haunting breakdowns. Flip the record over and ‘Esoteric’ lets things get a bit heavier, filled with suspended chords and gentle rolling percussion as things all start to sound a bit like a ride to Berghain on a stolen motorbike.

As for the Bluntman himself, the man is a glorious mystery. All we have is that he is affiliated with Mood Hut (the label at the forefront of the booming Canadian Riviera sound), is a third of the Aquarian Foundation (the producers, not the Washington-based cult), and also produces under the alias Dream Eater. Mysteries aside, it’s another strong showing from All Caps that has been snaking its way onto a dancefloors this summer. Watch out for their brilliant forthcoming release from fellow enigma Ekranoplan dropping soon.

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