Notting Hill Carnival 2014 Guide: DJ Playlists


fantastic man

Stephen Encinas – Lypso Illusion

I guess I should kick things off with a Caribbean selection. Lypso Illusion was a rare original from Stephen Encinas of Trinidad and Tobago. It was his only ever solo release in 1979 and was recently dug up and re-issued by Invisible City. It’s the B-Side to ‘Disco Illusion’ but it’s my pick on the record. It’s the perfect blend of soul and disco and features some tasty hypnotic Steel Drum parts throughout which give it a classic Caribbean flavor.

Soichi Terada & Grand Senshuraku – Sumo Jungle

Jungle from Japan, and yet another golden oldie from the eclectic and elusive Soichi Terada camp. It was released in 1990, which is evident in the Jungle percussion but the vocal samples sound reminiscent of some bass/dubstep/garage/futurebeats productions of today. I’ve only been to Carnival twice and this encapsulates the vibe perfectly.

Mory Kanté – Ye Ke Ye Ke

It was a no. 1 on the 1988 pop charts in the UK and still one of the highest selling tracks in Africa ever. Mory Kanté released this as part of his album Akwaba Beach and I recently caught onto it (thanks Jacques) as well as some handy remixes, and it’s been my go-to all summer. And for good reason, it’s a fucking jam! More Kanté please.

Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance

Obviously a well known timeless Hit! And if I had a set at a massive street parade, I’d be in my top 5 tracks to play (obviously). There’s little more to say really, we’ve all heard it and love it!

New Musik – Warp

New Musik were an English New Wave group and Warp is a single of their final album from 1982. It’s minimal and super simple but all the elements are so strong. It features classic New Wave 80s drum machine rhythms and velvet pads coupled with a killer off kilter vocal. It’s an all-round feel good cult classic and the PERFECT closing track.

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