Top Ten: Henry Wu

Henry Wu grabbed our attention in February with one of our standout tracks of the year so far in ‘Natural Complexion‘. The South London producer combines soulful beats, live vocals and worldly influences that have come to characterise the 22a family he is also apart of. If you haven’t been keeping tabs on recent movements like we have, the sensational ‘Badulude‘ is well worth checking out as well. It’s been nice to see Henry become a regular fixture on lineups in London as this year’s progressed, and before he takes to the skies for Boxfresh’s High Rise series next month, we asked him to pick out ten tracks he’s feeling at the moment.

Henry Wu plays High Rise at Rockwell House  with Waze & Odyssey and Pedestrian. It’ll be one of three rooftop parties in East London on 6th September, which are part of the Boxfresh 25th anniversary celebrations this year.

Al Dobson Jr – Peru Timing

Fresh juice, and a lemon sorrel leaf. That’s twenty two…

Max Graef – Speed Metal Jesus

I was due to put this guys whole album on the playlist – it’s been a great year for the germans.

K15 – Time Humbles Us 

K15 is my north london don, too dangerous – on a Larry Heard tip.

Henry Wu – 117 Careplan

Had to bring this one out of the closet, was collecting that digital dust.

Kirkis – Mirror

Just listen to this one and decide for yourself.

Mr Man – Junglist Freestyle

Throwback from when we used to run nights back in 08/09 in a place formerly known as Brixton. Shouts to Richard Samuels and GorillaTech.

Banton – Give It Away

House track straight outta the hood…. Connoisseur of many things 🙂

Tenderlonious – Things That I…

22a founder – never get bored of this one.

Myriad Forest – 1 Down

The drumming on this is disgusting (in a good way) …. Shout outs to Yussef Dayes.

iglooghost (feat. Jitwam) – teatunnels

Homeboy Jitwam on this one…

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