Top Five: Portable


Alan Abrahams hails from a township on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. Moving to London in 1997 then settling in Berlin, via Lisbon, his music as Portable and his other alias, Bodycode, has its roots firmly in his African heritage. With releases on labels like Zip’s Perlon and his own Süd Electronic, Portable has certainly carved his own niche in the house music scene and has become a serious contender among the minimalist house specialists around the world. As we learnt at Just Jack earlier this year, his live sets are even more absorbing, performing vocals on top of his own productions; his recent Boiler Room session is a great example and well worth a listen. Before taking to Fabric later this month, Portable has picked out five tracks that are important to him at the minute.

Portable plays live at Fabric on 23rd August, alongside The Martinez Brothers, Ryan Elliot, Agoria, Craig Richards, PBR Streetgang, Terry Francis and the Hypercolour family. Tickets and info available here.

African Sciences – Theta Brainwave Sync

A genious composer, I love the whole album and it’s on constant rotation while on the road.

Portable (feat. Johannes Schoen) – Onwards 
This can really get the cobwebs away and set me on the onward path, excuse the pun!

FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

Been a fan since she started and glad things are blowing up for her bigtime!

Bach – Inversions 1-5

I listen to this at least once a day and just never get bored.

Sharon Redd – Never Give You Up

Brings back hazy memories of a future past!

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