LAY – Still (co-produced by Floating Points)

Sit back or get on your feet and let this do to you whatever it wants. Still is the third track on the beautiful debut from LAY, called Portrait 01 EP and we can’t get enough it. Marking also the first release of her label, Arale RecordsPortrait 01 is executed so expertly, the London based producer will do well not to impress.

Still, co-produced by Sam Shepherd (a.k.a Floating Points) almost gives the feeling of an internalised metronome with which you will never fall out of sync. The delicate shakers falling perfectly on top of syncopated rhythms counterbalance soothing synth chords and elusive chimes, keeping you firmly in its hypnotic groove. Not forgetting to mention glimpses of LAY’s alluring vocals, these are all but a few of many harmoniously constructed layers which grow throughout the musical canvas.

Be sure to also check out the striking video for the lead track, Seeds, below, made by Tania Pedre Pereira (Black Lam Collective). A lovely blend of colours and shapes with footage of the Southend coastline, this mean visual feat forms almost an interdependent relationship with the track as they slot perfectly side by side.

Portrait 01 is out now on Arale Records (also run by Layla) and available from Phonica.

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