Top Five: Yumi Zouma – Summer Road Trip Soundtracks

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We introduced you guys to the dreamy tones of Yumi Zouma back in April after uncovering the ghostly charm of their self-titled debut EP released on NY/London record label Cascine. With a soundscape steeped in nostalgia and weathered artwork that features a pretty lady with an 80s hair-do, discovering the New Zealand trio was like coming across a crumpled record in a vinyl bin that had long been forgotten and abandoned by its original owners. Yet their tranquil 4-track debut EP was only released this year.

Ironically, the retro sounding record was a product of three musicians contributing elements via DropBox due to current living arrangements. Though they all hail from New Zealand, Kim Pflaum, Charlie Ryder and Josh Burgess now live between Paris, New York and Christchurch, and so the magical process of creating music was forged – rather incredibly – over email.  We like to think that each member was sitting at their computer in the dark as they moulded this hushed and mellow record – intended to pacify and relax every listener.

Ahead of their very special show in Brighton (which you can still get tickets for here), we got the band to pick out their top five guilty pleasure tracks to soundtrack their road trip adventures this summer. Check out their summer soundtrack Youtube playlist below, accompanied by words from the band for each track selected.

Yumi Zouma will be playing at The Hope in Brighton on Wednesday 6th August. Grab a ticket whilst they’re still available and we’ll see you down there: SEETICKETS / Facebook Event. Listen to the full EP over on Soundcloud right now.

The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

I’m in love with the vocal sample that repeats on the offbeat of beat 4 through this song. The video is also one of my favourites, close-ups of the singer spliced with montage scenes of stealing from convenience stores and going swimming.

Fur Patrol – Lydia

Fantastic song from Fur Patrol, a late 1990’s band from Wellington. Their album Pet was one of my favourites as a young kid. I think Lydia is probably the best New Zealand song of all time but I don’t think many other people think that. The hooks are strong and the guitar solo is perfection.

Bic Runga – Sway

For me, this is the quintessential NZ road trip song, even though most people would say that “Drive” is more applicable. Bic Runga is undoubtedly the greatest Kiwi artist of all time, and this song taps into feelings I always forget I have. Reminds me of a time when everything was brilliant, and Jeff Wilson was starting out for the Highlanders.

Goodshirt – Fiji Baby

I always forget that GoodShirt produced some of the most timeless Kiwi pop music of the early 2000s. “Fiji Baby” talks about taking a trip to Hamilton, a rather unexciting town next to Auckland. But that doesn’t really matter. A real tear-jerker.

Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

Australia’s greatest gift to the world. Maybe the greatest song of all time. Fantastic production. Inspirational percussion and guitar work.

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