Premiere: Chassol – Dosidomifa (Part 1)

Parisian musician Chassol is a pianist, composer and musical director, renowned for his unique arrangement of film fused with musical rhythms, also known as the ‘ultrascore‘. For his latest project, Chassol looks to India. Indiamore is an inspired visual album, or musical documentary, born out of Chassol’s travels between Calcutta and Varanasi back in 2012. It is a stunning homage to India’s music culture, with the album capturing traditional dance, instruments and local charm. When it’s hard enough to create standout music, it is an impressive feat that Chassol has successfully impressed with two art forms in a truly multisensory experience.

By listening to Indiamore, one feels transported to a far away land with the help of a tampura, percussion, rose-coloured Saris, dancers and children running the streets. Indiamore is spread over four movements and it is our honour to premiere Dosidomifa Part 1, a warmly calm and collected piece featuring the sitar and tabla and captured on the banks of the Ganges. Enjoy the track for the first time here, in both audio and visual form, each experience bringing its own rewards.

Indiamore is out now on Tricatel and is available from their online store, including a download of the movie, which you can preview here. Last month, at Meltdown Festival, we found out Indiamore is best enjoyed live, so don’t miss Chassol returning to the Queen Elizabeth Hall in November.  

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