Top Ten: Krysko b2b Greg Lord

Behind every great promoter are great residents. With the EDM-ification of dance music this important fact has been lost behind the fixation on the headliner, but any party worth its salt will have trusted selectors to call upon, week-in week-out, to keep things moving either side of the headliner. For the Warehouse Project, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of Krysko and Greg Lord. As the new Warehouse Project season approaches, get to know its two most consistent elements a little closer, through a selection of tracks that they hold dear.

Catch Krysko b2b Greg Lord closing out Farr Festival (4-6am on 20th July) and at the Warehouse Project opening on 27th September.


1. Cesaria Evora – Angola (Carl Craig Remix)

Depending on the vibe, I play this record at every opportunity. At both Parklife and Secret Solstice in Iceland Greg and I played b2b early doors, so this was played. His best ever remix by a long shot.

2. Paranoid London – Transmission 5

You can get away with playing this at anytime and place. An absolute beast of an acid record with fantastic vocals. With the album coming soon as well, expect a masterpiece.

3. Palms Trax – Equation

Original sounding Detroit cut out of Berlin (surprise surprise). A proper fist pumber.

4. The It – Donnie (Ron Hardy Mix)

Does it, everytime. All mixes are ace but Ron Hardy perfects it. A new, remastered release on Alleviated as well. Full fat.

5. Grey People – Welcome To My Chevy

Simple, abbrasive and sounds fucking ace eveytime.


Greg Lord

6. 69 – Sub Seducer

“I am the Subliminal Seducer”, he says, as you wonder what that tingle was. One serving of grungy, seedy smut to kick your night off.

7. Rampa – AY

I’ve been using this to switch the tempo and energy early doors all year.

8. Crime – Rhythm Graffiti (DJ Harvey re-edit)

You’ve got to wait a long time for the drop, this builds and builds, by the time the baseline and vocal kicks, you’ve made a right mess of the floor with sticky acid house jizz.

9. Fix – From the Ghetto

Played this before Dave Clarke, in one of our favourite B2B sessions last year at The Warehouse Project, timeless tech funk.

10. The Martian – Particle Shower 

If you look in the dictionary for ‘Fucking Bad Boy’, there’s a youtube video of this Red Planet record.

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