Top Five: Fatima

The rise of Fatima has been a slow and measured one, but now is most surely her time. Back in 2009, the Sweden-via-London singer was the little-known vocal support for Floating Points; certainly no mean feat, but a far cry from where she’s at now. Five years on, and after the release of her debut album on Eglo, she’s pretty much become elevated to the label’s vocal ambassador. Where one she supported Floating Points, he is now one in a long list of impressive producers that make up Yellow Memories, a magnificent piece of work that was most certainly worth the five year wait. The critical acclaim has pushed her into the limelight more than ever, but is no match for her charisma and energy, which we learnt first hand at her entrancing Jazz Cafe album launch.  She’s now, quite rightly, one of the most in-demand live soul acts around and before she takes her live Eglo band to Brixton’s Midsummer Terrace Party, Fatima has picked out five tracks for us that are getting her ‘bumping’ at the moment.

Catch Fatima in Brixton this afternoon at the Midsummer Terrace Party, with Hackman, Jon Rust, The Busy Twist, Henry Wu and more. Fatima’s debut album Yellow Memories is out now on LP,CD and MP3 via the Eglo Records Bandcamp.

1. The Clark Sisters –  Jesus Is A Love song 

I just love the harmonisation in this tune, so sweet! Each singer has got their own way of singing and proper styling it out. The freedom in their singing is very inspirational to me.

2. Mila J – Smoke, Drink, Break Up 

Nice, new R&B. I’m feeling the atmosphere on this one, it’s got that nice bump to it and is still laid back plus Mila J dope singer so it’s a win.

3.  Big Pun (feat. Donnell Jones) – It’s So Hard 

I been bumpin this one alot lately. It’s the perfect soundtrack and makes a rainy day sunny and if the day is already sunny it only makes it better. And it’s a heavy collab! R.I.P Big Pun.

4.  Floating Points – King Bromeliad 

Gotta rep the crew! Eglo Woop Woop! This one’s so good to dance to. Royal moves on the dance floor makes me happy!

5. Ka – Summer  

This one’s deep. I was lucky to see Ka perform just the other day in Brooklyn. He absolutely killed it. A poet for sure! Don’t sleep World.

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