Taylor McFerrin – Early Riser

Early Riser is the first full length effort from Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist experimental-soul producer Taylor McFerrin, out on FlyLo’s L.A. Brainfeeder label.

The album is an expertly made fusion of jazz and electronica that creates a hazy atmosphere to soundtrack this summer perfectly. The LP is both extremely lush and refined enough to let listeners to groove out any which way they want; whether in headphones or on good quality hi-fi speakers. It opens with Postpartum, an atmospheric build and that properly sets the tone for the album.

Along with excellent production quality throughout, it also features a number of idyllic vocalist, including Nai Palm of Haitus Kaiyote, RYAT, Emily King, and Taylor’s 10-time Grammy winning father Bobby McFerrin. Expect immense soundscapes and colourful vocals throughout. Taylor himself even drops in some vocals into the soulful track Florasia. One of our ultimate highlights has to be Already There featuring jazz vibes from Robert Glasper and label mate Thundercat peppering in some slick bass lines.

The LP is a serious start of many good things to come from the wonder producer. Brainfeeder’s ever growing vision continues. You chance purchase the full album over on iTunes now.

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