Top Five: Trevino

For DnB heads, Marcus Intalex is a name which has become synonymous with the genre, but he’s not just refined to those remits. Experimenting across tempos and sounds, Trevino is the outlet for his ventures in 120-130pm-range house. Under this pseudonym, Intalex has enjoyed success with releases on Ben Klock’s Klockworks, Craig Richards The Nothing Special, Martyn’s 3024 and Appleblim’s Apple Pips. The very association with these four names and labels indicates his high regard in house and techno circles as a producer. As a DJ he’s reached similar heights, and lines up with the former two at Fabric this weekend. In anticipation, he’s picked out five tracks for us that are getting him excited at the moment.

Trevino plays The Nothing Special Room 2 takeover at Fabric this Saturday, with Ben Klock headlining Room 1. 

Ajukaja & Andrevski – Rare Birds 

Both sides of this release are brilliant and feature plenty of bleeps and wonky synths over super nice emotional chords.

James Ruskin- Wisdom Of Youth

This is very dark, moody and quite punishing yet still very uplifting. It’s gonna be in the (virtual) bag a good while.

Efdemin – Decay

Efdemin’s one of my favourite artists and his new LP seemed to come out of nowhere. Decay is a sublime,very understated journey tune. The rest of the LP is bloody good also and I have probably played about five or six things off it.

Chymera – Moot Point

Over the years I have liked many of Chymera’s tunes. He has a very “detroit” way of using his synths, hence I’m a sucker for his sound. Moot Point is almost a trance tune and I guess that’s a dirty word but its done here with style and substance aplenty and has a great uplifting feel.

Mark Henning – Soul Catcher

Mark Henning’s tunes also really do it for me. Just on the edge of house and techno his tracks have a very traditional, dare i say old school, direction but always with a modern delivery and production.

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