Question Time: Francis Inferno Orchestra & Fantastic Man

FIO b2b FM

Griffin James and Mic Newman are the men behind Francis Inferno Orchestra and Fantastic Man. Masters of the 4/4 beat they are each responsible for their own variations in elegant, sample-based, disco-infused deep house. With such common ties in their sound, it makes perfect sense they recently set up Superconscious Records together and are due to play a back-to-back set at Love Saves The Day in Bristol this Sunday. Like it or, they seem to be joined at the hip at the moment, so we thought it would make a nice change for these two cheeky chappies to interview each other. As you can imagine the results are a right laugh.

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Francis Inferno Orchestra: Hey

Fantastic Man:  Yo. Ok, ready when you are 

FIO: Ok let’s go. So you’ve just moved back to London, do you like it? 

FM: Yes, always – although it doesn’t really feel like I left for as long as I did. It’s been good apart from the expensive accommodation. I’m just thankful that you have an extra large bedroom with a spare bed.

FM: BTW, why do you have a spare bed in your bedroom?

FIO: That’s something between only me and my girlfriend. Anyway, you dropped by Dubai right? Were there any weird and funny moments you found playing a show in a semi strict Muslim country?

FM: Kinky. And yes I did stop in Dubai. Nothing that out of the ordinary happened really. Oh wait, apart from that I wasn’t allowed to drink booze or socialize while ‘working’ and under the constant supervision of the bouncer. But other than that it was great! And I had fun with the people I met.

FM: So I just heard your album has been delayed. How do you feel about that?

FIO: well I’m not stoked, let’s put it like that. Just kidding it’s totally fine, I just really, really wanna see the finished product.

FM: I guess your fans will just have to wait an extra week or two. It’ll come – eventually. (‘she said’ joke)

FM: So talk to us more about the album. Why did you decide to do it?

FIO: Well without sounding like someone obsessed with star signs and green kale smoothies, my move to London felt like a new chapter in a way, so it felt like the right time to work on a bigger project.

FM: Tell us about the cover photo. That was taken last year , right?

FIO: Yes, almost 1 year to this day.

FM: You haven’t changed a bit.

FIO: *blushes* thanks. Truth is it’s a photo of me, probably having the greatest moment I will ever have in my life with Darth Vader and a stormtrooper outside a shopping centre in suburban Melbourne. It’s my mum’s favorite photo of me too. Truth.

FM: Cool story.

FIO: Right??!!! But before you try spin a mum joke, what are you working on right now? I’ve heard about some really amazing record label called Superconscious, what the fucks up with that??

FM: Yeah I’m working on stuff. Always. I’ve got a 12” called Animal Language coming out this month (May) as well as a collab project with Max Graef on Love Fever. So for those of you playing at home, you can pick those up from your local record dispensary. And yeah, this Superconscious thing, apparently we started it.. Right? The first record Funky Wet Sphynx is out now.

FIO: Can you talk to animals? Serious question.

FM: Only after 2 am on weekends, you?

FIO: Never, that’s a pretty awesome talent though. Nice one!

FM: In other news, you recently played at Panorama Bar. What was better, the gig or the feeling you got when you were booked?

FIO: Hahaha, great question, I don’t even know how to answer that, I hope the gig was better.

FM: Very diplomatic. But I’d imagine it would’ve fucking nuts! Tell us more; were you slightly wet in the pants before you started?

FIO: Yeah it was super surreal. I wish I could play the stuff I played there in other clubs, but i guess thats why it’s so special. Ha! Yes ever so slightly, but I think I handled it fine. I’ve heard of people throwing up after because they were so nervous. Luckily, that never happened.

FIO: Speaking of tunes, do you have any artists right now that excite you particularly?

FM: Yeah, of course. So many. I’ve been inspired by a lot of different styles of music lately. I’ve been listening to more and more LPs – Afefe Iku, Wally Badarou and Vangelis Katsoulis are some current favs. On the club side of things, I’ve been really digging more lively and energetic house jams. Labels like Optimo Music, Sex Tags and Public Possession have been floating my boat and just generally a lot of random one-offs, if that makes sense? Although that’s just off the top of my head. Always a tough question man.

FIO: Great choices.

FM: Ok your turn. 

FIO: Yeah look, there are always so many and I struggle with this question. I guess I’ll just tell you my three favorite that I’ve been listening to artists today: 1991, Skatebard and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

FIO: Curveball, did you hear Google glass is now being sold in America?

FM: Well I have now.

FIO: Are you going to buy a pair? And why not?

FM: Are you flirting with me?

FIO: Haha no but let’s be serious again, do you have any special plans for Loves Saves The Day?

FM: No special plans so to speak, I am excited to see Quantic live as well as one of my all time childhood idols, that Francis Inferno Orchestra. What about you?

FIO: Same, really. Interested to see Quantic but I’m also really interested to see this new thing Axel Boman and John Talabot are doing, as Talaboman. I really enjoyed the song they did for John Talabots Dj Kicks so I’m hoping something special will happen with them on Sunday

FM: Maybe we should have come up with a cool name like that. Maybe next time!

FM: Anyway, it’s been a pleasure Skyping from across the room. I guess this is a good time to conclude.

FIO: Yeah hopefully see you on the train!

FM: Yes! As long as we don’t have to sit together. Over and out.

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