RA X Puma presents FastForward: Happa

FastForward is the new collaborative series with Resident Advisor and Puma that documents the breakthrough stages of some of music’s most exciting artists. The first in the series was a look at STW favourite Seven Davis Jr and the follow up tells the story of Happa.

Now just 16, Samir Alikhanizadeh’s breakthrough came two years ago when Loefah played the savage sounds of Boss on Rinse FM. This first airing of his UK bass-influenced approach to industrial techno set off a domino effect that sparked a friendship with Mary Anne Hobbs, a remix for Four Tet, releases on R&S and Domino, international DJ bookings and now the launch of his own label PT/5. Given all he’s achieved before GCSE age, Samir is remarkably modest and down to earth, as the documentary touchingly demonstrates when two fans approach him as he’s playing the piano.

FastForward is only two episodes in, but is already standing out as a series that captures the excitement of musical careers in the ascendancy, while still being sympathetic to the personality of its subjects.  We wait with excitement for number three.

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