Kirkis – Worm Jelly


After featuring the Melbourne-based psychedelic producer (multi-instrumentalist, writer & painter too) back in February 2013, Kirkis has been making large movements in the music community. In our 2013 interview with him we asked how he would feel about joining a label such as Warp or Brainfeeder, that showcases a lot of experimental and multi-coloured artists akin to his own style. Kirkis’ answer: ‘To be honest, whoever decides to help people hear, it’s very okay with me.’

Well, much to our delight the Hiatus Kaiyote affiliate was recently picked up by the flyest London-based label Eglo Records (headed by Floating Points & Alexander Nut) who are now putting out his forthcoming full length LP Liverbleach sometime this year.

Now, we’re a bit late to the party but Eglo released a two-track EP from the psychotropic artist a couple of months back called Worm Jelly to keep us going until the album release. There’s lush synths, psycho-jazz melodies and soul-glitched beats laced with warm vocals; all of which would have a classical pianist frothing at the mouth. I won’t even attempt to try and describe it further. Here, just listen to both tracks below and let it blow your mind.

There isn’t a date yet for the forthcoming album but it will be out this year for sure, so keep your eyes peeled on Stamp for that. You can also check out the teaser for it below:

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