DONUTS – Record Store Day 2014, Brighton

Documenting Record Store Day below is Matt Tanner – head-honcho of Brighton’s finest Hip-Hop curators DONUTS. Aside from being a vinyl junkie, Matt – under the guise of DONUTS – is behind two upcoming shows in Brighton that are guaranteed to wet your earbuds and snap ya’ necks; JONWAYNE on the 27th April and 9TH WONDER + RAPSODY on the 11th May. Be sure to follow those links through to their respective Facebook event pages where you can find more info on both parties. And keep your eyes peeled for a ticket-giveaway competition for one of those shows coming real soon on Stamp The Wax.



Every year since its beginnings in 2007 there has been more and more buzz about Record Store Day. I’m a big fan of independent record stores and seen loads of my favourite shops close over the years because of the shift to digital formats. Nevertheless, the culture is still strong and it’s clear that demand for records is increasing again. This year I took to the streets of Brighton to have a browse in a few of my local spots. Usually I like to take my time and listen to loads of things, try and discover new artists or undiscovered tracks. I didn’t go out for anything in particular but came back with some serious treats. Check it all out below, including a photo-gallery of all the wax I copped.

1. Jody Watley – Some Kind of Lover
This was a big pop hit from 88, the year I was born. I love the old synth’s and drums.  I used to bump this sort of thing on my cassette player when I was young. I think I paid like £1 or something really cheap. I plan to make a disco style edit of this really soon.

2. Maze and Frankie Beverly – Live In New Orleans
I don’t usually like buying live albums but Maze and Frankie Beverly are one of my favorite groups! My eyes lit up when I saw this, It cost me about £8 but worth every penny. Mint condition too. This is my favorite track on it.

3. Sambalanço Trio – Consolação
I’m a huge sucker for Brazilian music, especially in the summer. This one is recorded in the 60’s and sounds amazing. If it’s Brazilian I always pick it up and check it out. This one made me want to get on the next plane to Rio De Janeiro!

4. Wild Style – Soundtrack
I love the film wild style and I love the iconic graffiti too. This one I actually bought so that I could put it on my wall. If you haven’t seen it you should check out the movie and soundtrack.

5. Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
Everyone knows this one. If you don’t know it by name then you will know it when you listen to the link. A personal favourite of mine so was happy to cop a 12” Extended mix.

6. Arthur Verocai – Arthur Verocai
This was a forward thinking self-titled release during the repressive Brazilian military dictatorship when this type of creativity was frowned upon. I have always liked this release and its been sampled by a couple of my favourite Hip Hop producers so when I saw it I had to grab it.

7. Isley Brothers – Who’s that lady/Summer Breeze
The Isley Brothers are another one of my favourites. Both of these songs are classics and it was £2 so I couldn’t not buy it. Who’s That Lady has been in films, on adverts and I have probably listened to it about 1000 times but still love it!

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