City Guide: Beesmunt Soundsystem presents Amsterdam

Beesmunt Soundsystem was born in the neighbour’s basement of two school friends, forced underground by parents who couldn’t stand their loud music taste. It’s no doubt the story of many established DJs and producers and now, for Luigi and David, things are heading that way too. Their first two EPs were released on Amsterdam label Soweso, with the title track of the latter selected for Breach’s DJ Kicks. Now with their own party at Trouw (Soundmachine) and under the guidance of studio neighbour and friend Tom Trago, their third EP is set to be their most significant yet.

Embracing a more UK sound than previous work, Baby Maker EP has fittingly found a home in Bristol, becoming the debut release on Just Jack Recordings, the same master practitioners of off-kilter West Country parties. In anticipation for the EP release and their appearance at the Just Jack label launch in Bristol, Beesmunt have taken us on a virtual tour of their hometown and put together a mix, made up solely of Amsterdam talent.

Catch Beesmunt, alongside Steffi and Amir Alexander at Just Jack: The Lockdown, this Saturday in Bristol. The Baby Maker EP is out this month on Just Jack Recordings. Pre-order from Juno

Download Beesmunt’s 100% Amsterdam mix

Favourite place to buy records?

Without a doubt, Rush Hour Records (Spuistraat 98). We’ve been coming there since we were 16 year old hip-hop kids till this very day. Perfect selection of house, techno, soul, hip-hop and rarities.

Favourite place to listen to live music?

Amsterdam’s one and only true Pop temple, Paradiso (Weteringschans 6-8)

Best sound system?

TrouwAmsterdam! (Wibautstraat 127-131). Crisp and clean sound upstairs, rugged and raw sound downstairs. Perfection!

Favourite outdoor party? 

Last year’s edition of Dekmantel Festival (Amsterdamse Bos) was amazing, no doubt this year’s will be even better.

Favourite place to escape the hub of the city?

During spring or summer, the perfect place is De Hortus (Plantage Middenlaan 2A). It’s a botanical garden where you get an instant vacation feeling.

Best view in Amsterdam?

We don’t have that much tall buildings or hills here in Amsterdam, so not a lot of places to give a high view of our city. We’d suggest just walking down the canals (Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Singel) to experience all the beauty Amsterdam has to offer. A day on a boat can give a perfect experience.

Where would you go to see another medium of art other than music? 

The recently reopened Rijksmuseum (Museumstraat 1) and Stedelijk Museum (Museumplein 10). Do try to go on a weekday – the places are packed during the weekends.

Best traditional Dutch restaurant? And what meal would you choose?

Not the most traditional but regarding our history with Indonesia it’s definitely part of our food traditions. Check out Tempo Doeloe (Utrechtsestraat 75) for the sickest and spiciest Indonesian food. Try the Rice Table, and build up your spiciness level during the courses, if you dare.

For a standard Dutch Menu, you got to go to Loetje, for a good ol’ steak. (Johannes Vermeerstraat 52)

Favourite coffee shop? 

“Don’t get high on your own supply” (We are not the biggest fans of weed).

Place to experience something uniquely Amsterdam?

Visit the (Noordermarkt) marketplace on saturday morning to experience the full package of Amsterdam vibes.

Best and worst thing about living in Amsterdam?

Best: Its very small but has a big city feeling. You can still go everywhere on a bike.

Worst: Tourists riding their rented bikes!

Tell us a little about the mix you made for us. Where/how did you record it and are there any tracks/artists who you want to shout out? 

The mix consists of solely Amsterdam-based producers. Music by friends and colleagues that inspire us to do what we do and from whom we’ve learned a lot. Some old, some brand new, and the mix also features two of our own tracks, Close To Me and How I Wish, which are forthcoming on Bristol’s based Just Jack Recordings.

And finally, who are some of your favourite up-and-coming producers in Amsterdam?

A lot of those artists are featured in this mix, like Maxi Mill, Makam, Awanto3, Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff and William Kouam Djoko. Guys you should also keep an eye out for are Interstellar Funk, and the rest of the Tape Label crew.

Link to the map

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