Exclusive: Khalil Anthony – Shelter (thatmanmonkz reworks) (dub)

In name, Sheffield and Chicago might share alliterative qualities but musically speaking, the similarities and collaborations are few and far between. Cue the next release on Shadeleaf Music, which contains a duo of reworks and dubs by Thankmanmonkz (Sheffield) of Khalil Anthony (Chicago), author, musician and emmy award-winning theatre producer.  Of the four tracks, that frequently forgotten B2 caught our eye the most, the dub version of Shelter. There are only a handful of moments when Anthony’s vocals are let free, but the opening line leaves the most lasting impression, and one Monkz seems to have built the whole track around. That oozing, dripping beat – think Osunlade meets Culoe de Song – transports you straight to the “sultry, sweaty night in the south” Anthony teasingly introduces us to. Sure, it’s a tough sell in February but this is going to stay with us right through till festival season and will still sound as fresh.

Stream the track above exclusively on STW and grab a copy of the EP from Juno or Piccadilly.


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