Monday Morning Mixtape 014: Reginald Omas Mamode IV

Yesterday we gave you a little taste of cosmic-soul newcomer Reginald Omas Mamode IV, whose electronic blend of funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop has been lightening up 2013 for a lot of music lovers. The south London based intergalactic producer/singer-songwriter cruised onto our radar back in August with a tropical funk groove called Do You? that appeared on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Bubblers Ten compilation. It built enough buzz for forward-thinking experimental pop label Five Easy Pieces (Citizen, fLako, Tropics) to pounce on the golden talent and put out his debut release, the Do You? E.P., earlier this November.

His debut is a potent combination of Dilla-style beats formed on old synths and drum machines, married with warming one-take vocals recorded on a dusty 1980’s mixing desk. The outcome is seriously lavish; a dreamy neo-soul nostalgia record bringing tones of Curtis Mayfield and D’Angelo sprinkled with UK groove. You can listen to and purchase the E.P. over here.

We’re delighted to have Reginald Omas Mamode IV curate today’s Monday Morning Mixtape with an hour long treatment of soothing vibes hand-selected by the man himself. We were also lucky enough to ask him a few questions following the release of his debut E.P.

Check it all out below and keep your eyes peeled for the tracklist dropping in the next few days on our Soundcloud.

For those in London, Reginald Omas Mamode IV has his debut live show tomorrow night as part of Gilles Peterson’s Culture Series. For more info head here – we can’t recommend it enough!


First things first; you splashed onto the scene this year with great momentum behind you. When did you actually start making music and how long have you been creating under the Reginald Omas Mamode IV moniker?

I’ve been making music in my mind, most of my life. But I’ve been recording stuff for almost 10 years and under Reginald Omas Mamode IV for around 2 years.

How would you describe your sound?

Solar soul rays.

You recently released a cover of Roy Ayers’ Keep on Walking. Are you a big fan of that 70’s soul/jazz/funk then? Also, where can people cop that from?

Yeah big fan of that sound, it’s the majority of my record collection. Roy Ayers is a hero. My version is a sort of unofficial part of this release. We might give it away soon.

What would you say are your biggest influences in making music?

I can’t deny the music I was listening to at school… Tribe called Quest, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Slum V. There’s alot of music from all over the globe that I listen to, which must have influence in less direct ways.

Has living in south London had any direct effect on the music you make?

It must have. Probably can’t explain specifics but the cross section of people and cultures is varied and beautiful, some good people down here from all over the world. Keeps the street interesting.

A lot of your fans (us included) first heard the title track of your debut EP release Do You? on Gilles Petersons’ Brownswood Bubblers Ten compilation. How did your connection to Gilles come about?

Not 100 percent sure to be honest. I think a friend and fellow DJ/Producer Kutmah played and handed Gilles my music..

Your debut EP release is called Do You? – what’s the story behind that name?

The vocal on Do You? was inspired by a girl I was with, who needed to make her mind up about a lot of things in her life. Do you? is advice I gave her and a question about our relationship.

You’ve released the EP via east London record label Five Easy Pieces. How did you come to know those guys?

Those guys heard my music on the radio then hunted me down.

The equipment you used to record the EP comprised of an 80’s sound desk and a bunch of old drum machines and keyboards. Was that antique, dusty sound an important aspect of the EP’s soundscape for you before you’d even recorded it?

No it’s just what I use, equipment I’ve got my hands on over the years.

Your stripped-backed vocal melodies and lyrics do seem to act as more of an instrumental layer rather than a tool for producing a clear cut narrative or story. Nevertheless, is there any unifying narrative or theme running between all the tracks on the E.P.?

No direct theme. At the time, when this music was created, I was transitional, had broke from a long time girl, changed where I was living, was meeting a lot of new people, so some of this may have been captured.

We know you’ve got your debut live show at Gilles Peterson’s The House of St Barnabas’ Culture Series in London on 3rd December. What’s your set-up going to be like?

Stripped back and simple. My brothers and myself with various percussion instruments and our voices.

Looking forward, are there any more releases/shows coming soon?

Not sure right now to be honest. There is talk of another EP early next year, possibly followed by an album.

Any dream collaborations, dead or alive?

Francis Bebey

Three new artists you think we should know about?

Jeen Bassa, Al Dobson Junior and Tenderlonious. I included some tracks of theirs in the mix for you guys.

The internet being what it is, there have already been murmurings that you are Mo Kolours brother. True or false?

My Genius Brother. True

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