Adesse Versions – Pressured EP

Retaining anonymity, with only a few shreds of information to go on, Adesse Versions has been slowly seeping pure underground heat over the last year. Even with a Boiler Room London appearance under his belt, little is known about this elusive character. In musical terms however, thanks largely to the success of Baayi this summer, his name is slowly filtering into the psyche of the partying public. His latest EP stands him in good stead for this to continue.

Cutting the original lyrics down and underpinning them with cavernous, yearning bass notes and tightly subdued chords invert Pressured into something much more sultry, almost kinky. It’s a late night illicit tryst of a track. Staying with the dark-of-the-night theme, the laidback double bass and delicate licks in Modal slide into bluesy horns, with layers of percussion added and keys smoothed to produce something reminiscent of that moment you see the object of your desire appear across a crowded room; that second when the eyes lock. In keeping with the mystery surrounding Adesse Versions, I’ll leave you to find where the original material for Pressured and Modal came from, but I will drop some hints: an eminent British DnB producer’s jazz-inflected debut album and a soul singer/songwriter who released a few things on Dorado. Seek and yea shall find.

Pressured EP is out now on hand-stamped 12” on Make Love In Public Spaces

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