Adesse Versions – Baayi

Picture this scene, summer 2013. RBMA have driven a van into a corner of Parklife, away from the hoards on the main stage, and kitted it out with a sound system that trumps any other at the festival. The sun is setting and catches the dust being kicked up by a handful of devoted dancers paying homage to a set from Dark Sky, then they drop a track that stops everyone in their tracks. After months of fruitless searching that track is finally revealed as Baayi by the anonymous Adesse Versions and thankfully it still possesses that same aura.  It turns out Baayi was doing the rounds all over the place last summer, so sorry for being so slow to bring this to you. However far behind the hype machine we are on this one, it’s too good not to share.

Release Info: Baayi is taken from the Prime Numbers compilation Truss EP

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