Top Five: Jimmy Edgar remixes

Jimmy Edgar is a genius. Period. Growing up in Detroit he begun exploring electronic music at the age of ten, started to DJ at fourteen and reached the heart of the scene, playing at raves and making his own music, by seventeen.  Released on labels including Warp, !K7 and Hotflush, he now also runs his own, Ultramajic, from his current base in Berlin. As well as a fashion photographer, he is a director and a multi-media artist, lately designing all his own artwork. Edgar is clearly a man of many talents with a holistic approach to his creative output; this is no doubt influenced by his relationship with meditation but is also, undeniably down to a vigorous work ethic.

Having engaged with music from such a young age, he has been influenced by many sounds and integrates a multitude of genres into his productions. Punk, funk, sleaze, R&B, Hip-Hop and Detroit techno have all permeated creative work of Edgar’s prolific career, helping for, a distinct sound of glitchy hip-hop and sexually-charged funk; what he refers to as ‘electrofuck’. He has been responsible for some of the most body-jacking, mind-blowing sets witnessed, which have a knack for driving crowds into a total craze; two examples include his set at Berlin’s first Boiler Room and, more recently, at Montreal’s Osheaga Festival.

In honour of our undying admiration for Jimmy Edgar, and to warm up for his appearance at Fabric (15th November) and Bristol In:Motion (30th November), we’ve compiled our favourite remixes of his. It wasn’t easy, not just because he’s done so many, but because they’re all so good. In no particular order, read our picks below (some of which are free downloads), and grab them as one playlist on our Soundcloud.

Jamie Lidell – You Naked (Jimmy Edgar remix)

Warp Records alumni remixes current Warp electro-funkster and the result is something special. Speeding it up and packing in a punch, Jimmy’s remix turns the original into a stand-out track. Compared to his other productions, this is fairly innocent sounding. However, by accentuating the vocals and allowing them to ooze with uncontrollable desire, Edgar’s remix will much more likely get you naked.

Triumph – Discover (Jimmy Edgar remix)

Engulfing the original with phat base, uplifting synth and thrusting vocals, Edgar injects serious groove into this powerful dance track. At first, he leaves the original sax to float blissfully unaware of the jacking bass below, only to mediate its total decent into a hypnotic meteor shower.

Audiojack – These Days (Jimmy Edgar Implication)

An absolutely salacious stomper of a track. Made after spending a hot “crazy” summer’s night at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, the debaucherous, anything-goes policy of Edgar’s favourite club pulsates through this remix.

Strip Steve & Robert Owens – One Thing (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

One of Jimmy’s more subtle remixes, but no less impressive. He accentuates the originally-present groove more than you’d think possible by injecting an 80’s highway synth atop. If there’s one thing Jimmy’s production can do, it’s drive your body crazy.

INOJ – Love You Down (Jimmy Edgar Lip Kiss)

After such a build-up we could have kept on going, but after climax not everyone can. So here is our wind-down, post-coital selection. This sultry, slowed-down, funk remix of the INOJ classic was completed one night when Edgar discovered “a link to a shit load of accapella files” with JETS second half, Machinedrum.  Jimmy loving and lowering us down.

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