Preview: Young Echo Sound at Exchange, Bristol

young echo

When: Every 1st Wednesday of the month (10pm-2am)
Where: Exchange, Bristol
Tickets: £4 otd

Some of the greatest advances in society and culture have arisen due to individuals behaving in a manner the masses didn’t approve of. Be it Rosa Parks or purveyors of music that didn’t sit comfortably with the mainstream. Dance music, grown amongst the pariahs of New York city in the 60s, begun underground and was forced under further in the UK, due to Maggie’s detest of repetitive beats.

Whilst electronic music, today, graces the surfaces of the music industry and booming club culture, there still remain genres and individuals exploring the unexplored. Such a hub exists in the city of Bristol and it is this willingness to experiment and be different, which makes the Young Echo collective stand out.

The numerous members of the collective contribute to the sound of the city with their own productions, however, Young Echo are now putting their heads and dogmas together to contribute to the city’s underground live music scene. Every first Wednesday of the month, they will be taking over the basement of the Exchange, gathering their records, friends and special guests to spin, play live and improvise. It’s hard to say exactly what to expect, but that’s the very point. When much of what you hear has become predictable. Young Echo Sound is an opportunity to be surprised.

Frank Zappa attempted to define underground by noting that “mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground.” Thus you will not witness a barrage of social media updates and lures. Instead we need to dust off the old ‘memory’ and remember to dedicate your first Wednesday of the month to joining the Young Echo family in their quest for musical progression.


Young Echo Sound takes place tonight with special guest Gantz joining from Istanbul. For more information check out the Young Echo Sound manifesto

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