Top Five: Elephant/FACTA’s favourite track



Elephant may be a random name, but this new night is far from just thrown together. It was started last summer by three good friends and founded under a dogma of throwing parties focusing on feel-good vibes. Their priority is music that brings the house down, throws hands up in the air and makes you feel like you’re back at home dancing with your mates at your own party. The focus is on the tunes, not who’s playing them.

This Friday, Elephant will be returning to Take 5 Cafe, an intimate space in Stokes Croft, Bristol, that has become somewhat of a right of passage for any night starting up in Bristol. With the best blurb chat around, rumours of origami Elephants, nonchalant music-policy and a secret headliner to boot, Elephant have got us all titillated. As for the lineup, because he’ll get in trouble from his agent, the headliner is being kept secret, but also appearing will be Ossia (Peng Sound), FACTA (Badimup), Ivo (Elephant OG) and Miles B2B Jono (Homies). Tickets are £5 on the door, find more info on the Facebook event, and watch the video below for a taste of their last party.


To whet our appetite Elephant founder and resident FACTA has chosen five tracks for us that he’s feeling right now.

Stush – Dollar Sign

This beat doesn’t leave my sets. Big singalong track despite the fact I have very little idea what Stush is saying.

Teddy Pendergrass – Love is the Power

This is my latest gem of a set-closer, its an absolute baby maker and it just happens to be at 140bpm, which is the tempo I tend to finish sets at. The 12″ of this track goes for £20 or £30 normally; I managed to find the entire album for a quid.

Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy

This one probably doesn’t need much introduction – it’s just got it all. You could make an entire album out of sampling this track and I reckon it would be a stormer.

Mobb Deep – Survival of the Fittest (Remix Extended Version)

This track nicely illustrates the balance that we attempt to strike at Elephant. That is, treading the line between playing well known tracks that people will respond to. Without relying too heavily on the most obviously clichéd choices. So little alternate takes and remixes of well known tracks, such as this one, are a nice way of maintaining the crowd’s attention whilst keeping things fresh.

Cheeky Chappies – Still Rushing

Another absolute certified dance floor killer and a perfect example of the benefits of crate digging. I blindly picked this record up for 50p a couple of months ago…best 50p I ever spent.

FACTA’s own Bristol Spotlight will be dropping soon so watch this space for more great tunes.


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  • […] Download Facta s Bristol Spotlight9 and follow us on Soundcloud10 to get updates about the tracklist, when it goes up in a few days. For more info about Elephant s party this Friday, and a pick of Facta s favourite tracks at the moment, head over to his Top Five11. […]