Preview: Shangaan Electro + Heatsick


When: Wednesday 23rd October
Where: The Exchange
Tickets: £8 (+bf)

This Wednesday, show number two of Qu Junktions and Arnolfini’s creative collaboration, Out of Place, sees the Sowetoen phenomenon Shangaan Electro taking over the Exchange with their head-spinningly fast South African music, joined by special guest Heatsick to move us dizzy.

So frenetic is a Shangaan performance it sounds and looks as if you are fast-forwarding a VCR tape, combining kinetic hip/foot work with their free-spirited and individualist music. Main man Nozinja will be performing with his full show and the incredible Shangaan dancers in tow, who he describes, “can go on for almost an hour with that speed, without getting tired. When you see them dance you feel like they have got no bones”. Check this video for a taste.

Compared to the normal 130/140 bpm of dance music, Shangaan takes no prisoners, paced at 170 up to 190bpm. The group has received great acclaim from many notable producers, including Daphni, who has released the latest Shangaan offerings on his label Jiaolong. Theo Parrish, Oni Ayhun, Actress, DJ Rashad and DJ Spin, plus many more came together on the compilation Shangaan Shake to offer their own interpretations for Damon Albarn’s Honest Jon’s Records.

For more info, check the Facebook event – and look out for some local recognisable faces who will be joining the Shangaan dancers on stage. For a live taster Shangaan head honcho Nozinja will also be in Idle Hands on Tuesday from 6pm for a free instore session

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