Top Five: Housework’s Favourite Tracks

It’s hard not to love autumn in Bristol. Leaves turning rusty, mulled cider, bonfires, brisk walks and the reigniting of the city’s leading club-scene, post-summer daze.

There are a lot of good parties in this town, but when put on by producers at the forefront of the music scene themselves, you can be assured bookings and nights of the highest quality. Introducing….Housework, run by recent Bristol Spotlight guest Shanti Celeste, Gramrcy and Golesworthy. If you’re new to Bristol, get acquainted with these three because they are responsible for numerous of the kinetic dance floors you’re set to encounter. For a start check out Shanti’s Bristol Spotlight mix and interview here.

This Friday, Housework will be celebrating their 3rd Birthday at our absolute favourite venue, The Motorcycle Showroom, inviting London producers John Swing and Jane Fitz to bring the boogie. With this funky line-up, limited capacity and the sad reality that this will be one of the last parties at the Showroom before closure, get on this pronto as it’s not to be missed. To give us a flavour of what Housework are about, they’ve selected five tracks they’re feeling at the moment. Have a listen, get ready to pop your bodies and the champagne. It’s party time.

A side observation: with so many nights celebrating their birthdays in October, I can only conclude that Bristol promoters, 9-months before, cope with the January blues by getting seriously busy. 

Andras Fox – Running Late

Shanti Celeste:  Pretty emotional jam this. The way it combines elements of boogie, house and pop is pretty original I think. Nice synths too!

Kano – I’m Ready

Shanti Celeste:  I’m into the whole electro/Italo crossover vibe of this one, those tough claps riding against the sunglasses at night synths. Also helps that it’s fast enough to mix in and out of housier bits. I like doing that.

Terrence Parker & Claude Young – Untitled 4

Golesworthy:  Just pure heavy-hitting elements across the board. The kick and bass thumping through as they should. That break gets people every time I play it. I’ve many memories of me and Shanti losing it to this one. Ultimate uplifter.

Torn Hawk – Born To Win (Life After Ghostbusters)

Gramrcy:  Pure sinking-in material. One of those tracks that despite being 15 minutes long is never truly long enough (see also Mapfumo by Daphni). When the clean guitar arrives around the 10 minute mark I melt. Also easily wins the award for track name of the year.

John Swing – Wear & Tear

Gramrcy:  That this track is by the headliner of our next party is pure coincidence (sort of). I have a strong belief that this record could and probably should be a crossover smash. Every time I play it to one of those crowds who don’t care what you’re doing as long as it isn’t ‘weird’, this one completely nails them to the floor.

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