Top Five: Maurice Fulton Remixes

With Simple Things Festival edging ever closer, this Top Five focuses on Maurice Fulton, one of our favourite artists on the stunning lineup. The Baltimore born artist, who now spends his time darting between New York and Sheffield, boasts an expansive and unorthodox music career. Originally working in hip-hop, he then turned to house and disco and has produced under a variety of monikers. Credited with the enduring 90s anthem Gypsy Woman, Fulton possesses one of the most impressive discographies we can think of.

Particular highlights are his remixes. To me, a successful remix should achieve two things: retain the soul and integrity of the original track, but also reinterpret it with a personal vision that creates an autonomous product. Fulton is one of the best names in brackets, with an almost otherworldly ability in selecting tracks and crafting them into his own, special creations. Listen to these five tracks, fall in love and grab one of those last remaining tickets to Simple Things (here) to catch him at the Studio 89 2nd Courtroom.

Rhye – The Fall (Maurice Fulton)

The sugary, sweet, pillow talk coos of ‘make love to me / one more time’ in Rhye’s original, adopt a slicker, more sultry demeanour in this ultra-sexy, funk-laden version.

Ost & Kjex – Have You Seen The Moon From Dallas (Maurice Fulton remix)

Strikingly beautiful, spaced out disco that sounds like a cosmic heartbreak ballad, written by a lovesick alien in the 1970s. Or something like that.

Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton remix)

From the get go, that bass-line that Fulton supplies, this remixes promises to be special. Slow, sensual and restrained, it doesn’t even get going until 3.30 minutes in. But when it does…jaw-droppingly marvellous production that goes further than the original ever could. 

Chateau Flight – Superflight (Maurice Fulton remix)

Luciously ethereal vocals harmoniously swirl around a big, fat funk bass line, only in the way Fulton does best.

Crazy P – Lie Lost (Maurice Fulton remix)

Futureboogie favourites Crazy P are a perfect match to fellow discophile Fulton. And I’m yet to dislike anything Danielle Moore’s vocals appear on. 

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