Random P – Tears of a Clown

If you’re a regular reader you’ll probably be familiar with our love for UK Hip-Hop. It’s not a scene in full bloom at the moment, watching from the sidelines as many of its grime contemporaries have made the transition to the ‘urban’ charts in the UK. Still, that doesn’t stop us appreciating it, and shouting about anyone who’s doing good things for the genre.  North London MC and producer, Random P (aka Paris del Fabbro), is one such example. He’s recently released his debut mixtape, Butterfly Kid, and this is our pick from the bunch. Working with Shif K3Y on the buttons, Julie London’s Cry Me A River is reworked into a soulful beat for Paris to go to work on, with personal stories presented in a sure-footed, alliterated verse. We’re delighted to stream it in full on our Soundcloud, which you can listen to above.

Sounds Like: Barney Artist, Skinnyman, Jehst
Release Info: download Random P – Butterfly Kid mixtape.

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