Top 5: You Need To Hear This (YNTHT) Features


Last week, Stamp The Wax was lucky enough to be amongst an exclusive handful of music-blogging junkies and industry personnel invited to the launch party of Vice’s brand new music platform, You Need To Hear This (YNTHT), in association with pioneering audio brand Philips. The new project isn’t relentlessly looking for the ‘next big thing’ in music, but instead, presents the most exciting, original and authentic stories in music culture through music videos, short films, documentaries and live events.

Just to catch you guys up on what they’ve been covering, we’ve collated our five favourite features from the new platform:

5. The World’s First 3D Printed Record


4. We Spoke To Bibio About Hallucinating


3. The DNA Of Kanye West’s College Dropout


2. Homemade Vinyl – A History Of The Vanity Disc


1. Touching Bass: Ben Pearce


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